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Percentage Plan for full-time trucks 

  • Postpaid percentage per truck

  • No minimum gross revenue

  • No term commitment is required

  • Unlimited number of loads



Virtual Administrative Support 

  • You find your own freight and we'll deal with the rest.

  • Complete your broker packets

  • Sign rate confirmations

  • Do credit checks 

  • Invoice your factoring company

  • Do check calls 

  • Assist you with detention and layover



Prepaid Plan for full-time trucks 

  • Prepaid flat fee per truck

  • Unlimited gross revenue

  • No term commitment is required

  • Unlimited number of loads



4 WEEK PROGRAMME - $999 (all inclusive)

We provide a 1-1 virtual class for the first 2 weeks of the training where we teach you :

  • General knowledge of the transportation industry 

  • The documents required for a transportation company 

  • Types of equipment and how to dispatch them 

  • How to find carriers 

  • How to find loads on the load board along with the detailed knowledge of the load boards 

  • How to book loads with the brokers and negotiate the rates 

  • Planning trips for your carriers for the week 

  • How to create connections with brokers or if needed to find dedicated lanes for their carriers 

Part 2 of the training is the 2 week on the job training where when they get their first client, we work alongside you for the first 2 weeks of starting out and help you book loads so you can gain confidence going forward 

also building up your confidence in dealing with carriers and brokers building a healthy relationship with your clients and your business. 

Our Happy Customers

SKL is providing me nice Truck Dispatch Service. they keep me loaded every day. They always take care of my Detentions, Layovers and TONUs. I'm happy with their Dispatch Service.

Chieh Trucking LLC

If you are a trucker and need Semi Truck Dispatching, I would definitely recommend Sam K Logistics for your Truck Dispatch needs and requirements. They are consistent, understanding and helpful. well, also get me great rates


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